April 21-23, 2017
San Francisco Airport
Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Burlingame, California

$100 discount to those who sign up for both
the meeting and the ultrasound course!!

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Attendees may report up to
15 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
6 hours of QME


President's Message

Please remember your membership to CSPM&R

As 2015 begins, I would like to ask all our past, present and prospective members to remember their membership to the California Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  To me, every member is valued not only for their membership, but also for our member’s dedication to our organization.  We are the only organization in the state solely dedicated to the interests of the California physiatrist.  In terms of value to you, I can think of no other organization who does more for the physiatrist than we do.
The past year we have done more than ever for our members:
·         We participated in one of the biggest battles the state has ever seen to prevent the repeal of MICRA (Medical Injury Compensation Act).  Over 50 million dollars was spent in an all-out battle with the California trial attorneys.  Repeal of this act would have resulted in over quadrupling of current medical malpractice rates.
·         In addition, CSPM&R will continue to be on the watch for MICRA.  Our lobbyist, AdvoCal, will continue to keep us apprised of further attempts to change medical malpractice.  While our colleagues feel this battle is over, my feeling is that it has just begun.
·         CSPM&R supported the creation of policy by the California Medical Association that was recently adopted by the American Medical Association.
·         CSPM&R sponsored the creation of several resolutions adopted as policy by the California Medical Association
·         We had our annual meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii with Randall Braddom, MD as our featured speaker
·         We wrote a letter to CMS opposing the restriction of custom orthotic fitting to only the prescribing physician
·         We wrote a letter to the Supreme Court of California asking them to accept the appeal of the case of Children’s Hospital v. Blue Cross.
·         Supported and opposed several senate and assembly bills to further the interests of the California physiatrist.
Please act now!
We need your support.  Please renew your membership and encourage your colleagues to join.  The money goes to paying our support staff and producing our annual meeting.  This is a crucial time for medicine.  The practice of medicine is changing before our eyes.  We need to play an active role so that medicine will change for the better.  We cannot depend on those who don’t take care of patients to look out for our interests.  We need to support each other.  We need to support the physicians who have entered the field of politics.  We need to be heard.
Our annual meeting
Our upcoming annual meeting will be April 24-26, 2015 at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim (next to Disneyland).  We are currently planning the meeting and, as always, hope to have a curriculum of interesting topics.  We offer 12 units or more of CME 6 units of which qualifies as CME for California qualified medical evaluators.
Donations also accepted
Contributions to CSPM&R are welcome.  No amount is too small.  Also, consider making CSPM&R as part of your estate planning. 
Thank you
2015 promises to be an eventful year.  Please participate with CSPM&R to make a positive change.  Join the California Society of Physical Medicine today.
Jeffrey Young, MD
President, CSPM&R
Specialty Delegate, California Medical Association
Private practice

Special Edition on Medical Marijuana

The November ballot in California included Proposition 64, an initiative to legalize adult recreational marijuana use in California.  Medical marijuana use has been legal in California since 1996, but since this proposition passed, marijuana use as an unprescribed/herbal medication may well increase.  At the same time, the DEA recently affirmed marijuana's status as a schedule I controlled substance, meaning it has "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse."  There is, obviously, quite a disconnect between federal and state attitudes.  Here is some background and an opinion.  
Considerations on Proposition 64:  Marijuana Legalization

Medical Marijuana:  What to Tell Our Patients